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Rabbis cry gewalt after watching Israeli film 'Gett'

The 2014 movie “Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem,” which portrays a woman who has been fighting for three years to get a divorce, “does not reflect in any way what happens in the..View More

Zero Motivation

From ‘Zero’ to Box Office Champ

After four years of struggling to line up financing for her debut film, Talya Lavie readily acknowledges that her hopes and expectations for the reception of Zero Motivation were know..View More

aya 3

For 'Aya,' From Israel to the Oscars

The idea for “Aya” began with a daydream: What if you were waiting for someone at the airport and instead you picked up a total stranger? What then? That wisp of a fantasy, dreamed up a..View More

aya 2

Oscar-nominated Israeli film 'Aya' fails to win Academy Award

Oscar-nominated Israeli film "Aya" failed to win the award for best live action short film on Monday at the 87th Academy Award ceremony in Los Angeles.The award instead went to the British film "The..View More

Rita Jahan Faruz poster

Rita Jahan Foruz (2012)

Rita Yahan Foruz

Directed by: Ayal Goldberg

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Rita Jahan Farouz immigrated to Israel from Iran with her family, when she was eight years old. Now on the eve of her forty-ninth birthday, with enormous tension between Tehran and Jerusalem looming.. View More

Sumna's Letter (2011)

Ha-Mikhtav shel Sumna

Directed by: Timna Goldstein Chatab, Hadar Kleinman

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Hannah Star was adopted as an infant from Romania to Israel and was sent to a boarding school at age 13.  As she approaches her 18 birthday, she decides to go on a journey in search of her and.. View More

Dark Side (2014)

Hatsad Hafel

Directed by: Natalie Assouline Terebilo

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86-year-old Moshe Knebel appears to be a regular grandfather. Maybe a tad sturdier and stronger than most, but still a normal old man. Moshe Knebel, however, is anything but ordinary. He took Today,.. View More

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