The Israel Film Center aims to expand and promote Israel's emerging film industry, by providing industry members, film presenters, and the general public both in Israel and in the U.S., with the following resources:

Exhibitor and Festival Organizer
The Israel Film Center includes special screenings of premieres, classics, and educational programs looking into Israeli society as reflected through film, as well as hosts discussions with Israeli filmmakers. The center is also focusing on the presentation of unique Israeli film festivals at the JCC and throughout the country, and has close cooperation with other major international film festivals. In addition, the center serves as a platform for screening of works in progress and rough cuts of soon to be finished films, with the purpose of receiving audience feedback, and to help attract completion funds.

Library and on-line resources
The Center's activities also include a viewing library of all available digital Israeli films including those made for TV.  The online database of Israeli films provides comprehensive information, reviews, and educational literature about Israeli films, as well as tools and resources for filmmakers, film presenters, and the general public, both in Israel and the U.S.A.

The Israel Film Center serves as a professional resource for filmmakers, distributors, film presenters, other JCCs ,exhibitors and the public. Furthermore, the center will house and coordinate the network for Jewish film presenters whose goal is to connect presenters of Jewish and Israeli films.

Distribution and Production
The center is also investing in development and production of films, and is involved in their distribution and promotion. By fostering the distribution of Israeli films, we plan to improve the market opportunities in the international market and reach as wide an audience as possible.

The Israeli Film Center also has an educational platform which includes classes, on-line materials, film packages, and other outreach material.