Jewish Film Presenters Network Conference 2011 - Agenda

Details for the 2013 Conference (June 5-6, 2013) will be available in May. Please check back.

JUNE 5-6, 2011


The Jewish Film Presenters Network is a home for film festival programmers, directors, and film presenters. The goal of the network is to better connect festivals, share resources and help serve communities by:

Sharing costs, Sharing ideas, Creating and keeping industry standards

The hopes is to raise the quality of festivals throughout the country and help alleviate some of the logistical difficulties - while providing more options for films and filmmakers.

Below is the schedule for the conference and may be subject to change:

Saturday night - June 4th

8-9PM - Pre-conference drinks - meet for drinks and company at the Amsterdam Ale House (76 and Amsterdam). - We will be in the Back Room!

Sun, June 5

9AM - Welcome and Introductions - Introduce yourself and organization in 100 words or less. Share your most innovative event that went beyond simply a screening and a talk-back/reception. (1 min or less per-person!)

10:30AM - Panel: Film Festivals in the Digital Age - What is the place of the film festival in the streaming/downloading age? Learn about some innovative new integrations of the Internet that keep festivals relevant. What are some of the on-line resources at your service? Are the days of film prints over? (Ira Deutchman, Peter Stein, Tiffany Shlain, Isaac Zablocki)

11:30AM - Outreach/Marketing/Operations - Tips, hints, and best practices. Come with your ideas and questions and share with your peers, and have a chance to learn from them about their ways to get the word out and run the show. (Divided by festival size - Facilitated by Karen Davis, Aviva Weintraub, Randy Ellen Lutterman)

12:30PM - Lunch discussion - Film Sharing - (seated by festival dates!) How can we better coordinate festivals to share programs? Can we as a community of film festivals better share ideas, feedback and even costs? Can we together coordinate tours of films to benefit our programs? What are some of the innovative structures for sharing films beyond your immediate community? + Price Standard - How much should you be paying for film rights? How do we keep the costs to standard.

2:00PM - Meet with distributors and hear about pricing, release procedures and upcoming films. Hear from a panel of distributors and then meet for a mini-market/Speed meeting for some face time with individual distributors. not confirmed: (Aviva Weintraub presents: Israeli Films, Film Movement, 7th Art, Music Box, Center for Jewish Film, Zeitgeist, Dragoman Films, Kino Lorber,)

5:00 pm - Panel: Educational Programs - (brought to you by The Foundation for Jewish Culture.) This panel will address education efforts at film presenting organizations. Speakers Karen Goodman (Jacob Burns Film Center), Pamela Lavitt (AJC Seattle Jewish Film Festival), and Tamir Muhammad (Tribeca Film Institute) will offer a survey of engagement activities such as student screenings, curricula/viewer guides, video workshops, as well as professional development for filmmakers and teachers. Also, how do we take adult education to the next level, beyond the post-screening Q&A panel?

6:00 - Day 1 summary and follow up - Compare notes + set questions for Day 2.

6:45 - Dinner conversation (location TBA) - Beyond the films - Festivals stand out as they do not just screen films, but add programs with the films. Share your innovative programs. What did you like? What worked well? How did you choose it? What's coming up? How did you get that film? Announcing the best Jewish film of the year!

8:00 Premiere Screening (77 Steps)

Mon, Jun 6

9am - Breakfast - Talk time

10am - Israeli Films: How do we best present Israeli films? Are all Israeli films Jewish? What are best practices for Israeli film selection? (Amy Kronish, Ravit Turjeman + Special Guests)

11am - Panel: Hot Topics - Do we shy away from tough topics? How do we challenge, yet not deflect our audiences and sponsors? (Other Israel, Peter Stein, Elise Bernhardt, George Robinson)

12:30pm - Lunch talk - Location models - Some festivals design innovative structures to share beyond their community. Hear about unique structures for sharing. (Ravit Turjeman, Carolyn Hessel, Susan Barocas)

1:30pm Panel: Diversity in Festivals - learn from the directors and programmers of the some of the US' top mainstream and cultural specific film festivals about the successes, challenges and mission oriented programs that drive them. (Tribeca, Newfest, NY Latino, Hamptons)

3:00pm - Show me the Money - Learn from other festivals how they make the bottom line and raise funds. (Divided by festival size) (Kathryn Spitz Cohan, Andrea Bochner)

4:00pm - Funders - Hear from funders of festivals and find out about new initiatives. (Carole Zabar, Ron Guttman, FJC)

4:30 pm - Take it home - What are the next steps? How do we stay connected?

6:30pm - Dinner - Closing session - Open conversation!

8:00pm - screening TBA (Mabul / Remembrance)

Tuesday Jun 7

10pm-5am! - Stay the Night - JCC in Manhattan's all night Tikkun with films (Sholem Aleichem + Bride Flight + Israeli TV show), performances, study, cheesecake and more!