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Home Alone

Dance on Film: The Moderni Series

Israel's rich modern dance scene is made more accessible and endurable through another of Israel's renowned art forms-- its film industry.   Israeli film has experienced significant growth the..View More

Big Bad Wolves

2013: A Year of Growth For Israeli Cinema

Although this year, Israel will not have a film competing for an Oscar, there is no doubt that Bethlehem, Israel's submission to the Academy will be seen by American audiences. 2013 brought Israeli..View More

Israel Film Center Recap: Doc Aviv

The 2013 Doc Aviv Film Festival included a diverse selection of Israeli premiere documentaries. On a oddly misty night in the new Tel Aviv port (though it felt more like London), the festival opened..View More

The Debt

"The Debt": American Remake of Israeli Film Opens This Week

The long awaited "The Debt" opens this Wednesday in NY, and premieres tonight at The JCC in Manhattan to a sold out crowd. This film was one of the most anticipated films that fell through the of of..View More

Miral - Lost in the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Miral - Lost in the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict For anyone familiar with the Palestinian narrative, Julian Schnabel's controversial film, Miral, is in not a shocking story. Schnabel even makes to..View More

Five Hours from Paris img 1

Boycotting Arts

From the very start, this Flotilla fiasco has been a PR war more than anything else. Israel fell straight into this trap and lost the battle quite embarrassingly. Nevertheless, the true danger in is..View More

From Lebanon War to Gang Wars, a Step Up for the Israeli Film Industry?

Over the last couple of years, Israel's films represented in The Academy Awards where on the topic of Lebanon (Waltz with Bashir and Beaufort) and displayed the horrors of war. This year, Israel it..View More

Other Narratives

A new phenomenon is flooding the middle-eastern film scene. I first noticed the narrative stand-off between the rising Israeli cinema and the young Palestinian voices at this past year's Cannes film..View More

The most Jewish film in America

I walked out of the latest Coen Borther's film, A Serious Man, shocked! This is the most Jewish movie I have ever seen. What happened? These very Jewish brothers who never really acknowledged a deep..View More

The Art of War - "Lebanon" premiere at The Jerusalem Film Festival

This year's Jerusalem film festival has wonderful Israeli films especially in the main feature film category. Everyone is saying that this year has one of the toughest competitions. One of my films..View More

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