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From the very start, this Flotilla fiasco has been a PR war more than anything else. Israel fell straight into this trap and lost the battle quite embarrassingly. Nevertheless, the true danger in this situation is now playing out in the ripple effects. A French group of movie theaters temporarily canceled screenings of an Israeli film in response to Israel's raid of the Gaza-bound flotilla. When there is a censorship of art, or a boycotting of artistic expressions -- there is a closing of dialog.

Film is a tool that breaks down boarders. It allows you to see other worlds and other visions. The film in question, Five Hours From Paris, is an example of hope in the region. It tells the impossible love story between a simple taxi driver with a fear of flying, and a Russian immigrant who is planning to move to Toronto. There is nothing political in the film. It is a universal love story about people who feel stuck. With all of the war films that come out of the region, it is refreshing to have a vision that actually deals with daily life and true humanity. By banning films because the are from a certain country one is creating a raid upon the most basic of human rights - Freedom of Speech and expression.

The Office of Cultural Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel in New York will be bringing the filmmaker for presentations in the US this Fall. The Israel film center at the JCC in Manhattan will proudly be presenting this film this November in NY.


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posted by Yehuda on November 25, 2014

I must have missed all those movies from Arabs "breaking down barriers" and criticizing jihad for exterminating Jews, Christians and Hindus and trying to destroy Israel.Thank you for reminding me why most of the Israeli film world and the JCCs that show their films are filled with left wing, self loathing jinos who should convert out already.

posted by Tamara Kossoff on August 05, 2010

As Golda Meir said in her time that the worst is not that the Arabs were murdering our people but that they were forcing her to become a murderer of them, or something to that effect.We should not generalize against all French/Turkish people who conduct themselves as those who supported the Flotilla but narrow it down to those who were actually involved within Turkey and within other countries and who Turkey knew were acting out the plan to strike at Israel with a "two-edged sword" and say the rest of the Turkish/French people are good and fair, even if we have our own inner questions about the matter.Otherwise, we come to live in hate of whole countries' people and you didn't even get up to the hardcore Muslim countries whose Fundamentalism is atrociously regressive in lack of concern for the individual's freedom of choice and happiness.Yes, increase our own efforts to present messages that express mankind's commonality albeit including the right to self-defense.

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