Assi Dayan to appear at 2013 SERET

Assi Dayan

"We are overjoyed to have Assi Dayan attending this year's festival, and for his support," says Odelia Mammon Haroush, one of the three co-founders of the Festival, alongside Anat Koren and Patty Hochmann. "We feel Assi's work has made a huge contribution to Israeli and international film and television, and are delighted to be celebrating his creativity and achievements with his latest work as well as showing the best of his output from the past 37 years."

Assi Dayan, son of Moshe Dayan, who was Israel's Defence Minister during the Six-Day War, is acknowledged as one of Israel's most talented writers, directors and actors. He played the lead in the Israeli TV series Betipul, which has been adapted for the hit US TV series In Treatment and has directed 17 films.

Several of Assi Dayan's films will be featured in a SERET retrospective and will include:

Dr Pomerantz: an off-beat black comedy. A retired clinical psychologist stops trying to prevent suicides from taking their own lives by offering the use of his high rise balcony to them in return for large amounts of money.

Life According To Agfa: The first in a black comedy trilogy. In this tragic drama, the characters are all denizens of Tel Aviv's nightlife, and the action centres around an all-night bar owned by two women with difficult romantic relationships, which seem normal until a violent encounter alters everything forever.

Mr Baum: The third and final installment of his black comic trilogy about contemporary Israeli life. Baum is a balding advertising executive who spends more time working to advertise purple sunglasses than he does with his own family. But suddenly he is forced to re-examine his life after a doctor tells him that he has an "aggressive" brain tumour and will die in 90 minutes.

Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer: A riotous tale of three mischievous army reservists who just can't stay out of trouble, Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer is military life as you've never seen it before. Sergio Konstanza, a swindler, owes money to Mr Hasson. He escapes to the desert where he joins a wacky army reserve unit whose Sergeant is engaged to one of Mr Hasson's daughters.

SERET, the London Israeli Film & TV Festival, first held in 2012, will take place from 9th to 16th June 2013 and will be showing the best in current Israeli film and television, bringing a special selection of Israeli drama and comedy features, documentaries, shorts and series to cinemas across London, and holding workshops for those in the film and television industries.