Home in Exile: An Interview With Eran Riklis

human resource

Having grown up around the world, it's not surprising that Tel Aviv-based director Eran Riklis refuses to settle on a genre, even within the same movie.

His films have covered everything from music (Zohar, Volcano Junction) to Israeli-Palestinian relations (Cup Final, Lemon Tree), espionage (On a Clear Day You Can See Damascus) to sports (his upcoming Playoff). Some of these categories even overlap. In Cup Final, a captured Israeli soldier (Moshe Igvy) attempts to share his fascination with soccer along with his PLO captors. Lemon Tree is also a courtroom drama in which a Palestinian woman (Hiam Abbass, The Visitor) fights to keep her lemon grove when the Israeli Defense Minister (Daron Tavory) moves next door and consents to its destruction. The story also explores how his wife (Rona Lipaz-Michael) finds common ground with her embattled neighbor.

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