The Israel Film Center's director selects the Top 10 Israeli films of the decade


This is the first decade where one can really rate the top 10 Israeli films and feel that there is worthy competition. There is no doubt that the last decade has been the finest for Israeli films. What I find in common of all the top films, is that Israel is getting comfortable with its own culture and telling its own universal stories from within.

Nina's tragedies Beautiful short stories weaved together to capture modern Israeli life in a stylistic, bizarre and yet, realistic form.

The Band's Visit Little Miss Sunshine meets Cafe Baghdad... a small story filled with humor and love about a forgotten event, and forgotten people.

The Syrian Bride A touching and subtle film about overcoming boundaries, that stands out as a fresh and brave cinematic expression.

Metallic Blues A unique perspective on Israeli-German relations in the modern state.

All I've Got A small forgotten film with a perfect story full of creativity and resolution.

Aviva My Love Israel's most perfect film on the topic of family drama, as a mother wrestles between her passion for art and her love for her family.

Lebanon The best of the latest Lebanon topic films, with a master level of suspense and cinematic language, and even some redemption.

Number 17 Stays Anonymous One of the best documentaries I have seen in my life, truly more amazing than fiction and gives a look into many levels of Israeli society.

Ushpizin A beautiful film celebrating the Orthodox culture in Israel.

James' Journey to Jerusalem The ultimate perspective on Israeli life from the outside.