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Yarkon River

A Cinematic Portrait Of Israel’s Yarkon River

I have fond memories of the Yarkon River. On one of my first dates with the Israeli woman who would become my wife, we sat under a grove of fragrant eucalyptus trees on its bank in Tel Aviv and and..View More

J Post Movie

Movies: A kinder, gentler time in ‘Women’s Balcony’

WOMEN'S BALCONY Hebrew title: Ismach Hatani Directed by Emil Ben-Shimon With Evelin Hagoel, Avraham Aviv Alush, Igal Naor, Orna Banai, Yafit Asulin Running time: 96 minutes In Hebrew. Check with for..View More

Japanese Israeli Movie

Israel’s first Japanese film fest coming to a cinema near you

Japan became a major center for quality cinema in the 1950s when directors such as Akira Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu burst onto the world film scene. Since then, Japan has been a source of great In a..View More

Past Life

The best of the Haifa International Film Fest

This year’s Haifa film festival features a host of great films and grand guests. The 32nd Haifa International Film Festival, which will run from October 15-24 at the Haifa Cinematheque and a..View More

Sand Storm

Two Israeli films now playing in New York

Plain and simple — Israeli cinema can match up today with cinema from about any other country. With new funding sources from both within and outside the government, and with co-productions we..View More

Joseph Cedar

The Great Israeli Cinematic Brain Drain: Why Israeli Filmmakers Are Opting for Hollywood

The bright lights of Hollywood have proved irresistible ?for a group of acclaimed young directors. NEW YORK — With the global success of Israeli cinema in recent years, a ‘brain of was..View More

New Film

An Israeli drama about sorrowful sisters arrives in theaters

It took filmmaker Dorit Hakim more than a decade to decide whether to make a film about her own complicated life. Released at the start of September, "Moon in the 12th House" is an ode to Hakim's a..View More

Poster One Day

'One Week and a Day': An Israeli Film That Makes Fun of Grief

In no other film industry are death and its rituals so omnipresent as they are in Israeli cinema. Aficionados of locally made movies will no doubt recall any number of funeral scenes and visits to a..View More


Culture minister leaves Ophir Awards in protest of Darwish poem

Culture Minister Miri Regev sparked controversy after storming out of the Ophir Awards, protesting the performance of a poem by Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish. She later returned and was..View More


‘Sand Storm’ Wins Ophir Award, Becomes Israeli Oscar Entry

"Sand Storm," a drama by Elite Zexer set in a Bedouin village in southern Israel, has won the Ophir Award as the best Israeli film of 2016. It will represent the country in the foreign language race..View More

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