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Beit Hamishalot

Beyond ‘Homeland’ and ‘In Treatment': Israeli Topics Ripe for American Adaptations

American cable network HBO acquired Israeli television show "Beit HaMishalot," or House of Wishes, Israel Hayom reported Tuesday, joining a list of other popular Hebrew shows being reproduced for a..View More

Gett: The Trial of Viviane Ansalem

Rabbinical Courts: 'Gett' Movie Demonizes Us

The Batei Din Rabbaniyim, or Rabbinical Courts, held their annual educational training conference for dayanim - or rabbinical judges - last week. What made this year's conference unique was the fact..View More

Beyond ‘Homeland’ and ‘In Treatment': Israeli Topics Ripe for American Adaptations

Even as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes news with his sectarian speech to Congress, the better drama about Israeli society and military history can be found in two recently released..View More

yael grobglas

‘Jane the Virgin’ lets Israeli actress strut her evil stuff

NEW YORK — There have been few opportunities for Israel, Latin America, and the United States to converge onscreen — that is, until Yael Grobglas. Grobglas is an Israeli actress in the a..View More


In Israel, Jewish Divorce Is Only Granted By Husband's Permission

In Israel, religious law governs family matters. For a Jewish divorce, an Orthodox rabbi oversees a ritual that begins with the husband placing a folded decree into the wife's cupped hands. But can..View More

The apartment

Israeli film 'The Flat' becomes part of German high-school curriculum

The Israeli award-winning documentary “The Flat” (“Hadira” in Hebrew) is becoming part of the German high-school curriculum. The rights to show the 2011 film, an directed by..View More


From the Archive: Israel’s impressive losing record at the Oscars

At the 87th Academy Awards last weekend, the Israeli short film “Aya,” which was nominated for best live-action short, lost to British short “The Phone was the 10th..View More


Witty glimpse at tedium of Israel military service

American kids often have a raised-eyebrow reaction when they find out Israel has conscription: All citizens over 18 must serve with the Israel Defense Forces. Men for three years, women for there..View More

Sacred Sperm

A 'stimulating' film is causing a stir in Israel

In his new documentary, "Sacred Sperm," Gruder takes viewers into the closed-off world of Hasidic Jews — and recounts his own struggles with the prohibition. The film opens with Gruder a..View More


Rabbis cry gewalt after watching Israeli film 'Gett'

The 2014 movie “Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem,” which portrays a woman who has been fighting for three years to get a divorce, “does not reflect in any way what happens in the..View More

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