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Next to Her

Hollywood readies for Israel Film Fest

Hollywood will get an injection of Israeli cinema on Thursday evening, as the curtain rises on the 28th Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles. In tune with the fest’s birthday, 28 feature and a..View More

Eyes of a Thief

Palestinian cinema comes of age with ‘Eyes of a Thief’

Anyone needing proof of the political minefield that is Israeli-Palestinian relations only needs to consider recent events in the film world. First, Israel’s Culture and Sports Ministry that I..View More

Next to Her

‘Next to Her’ wins top prize at Haifa film festival

The film Next to Her won the top prize in the Best Israeli Feature Film competition at the 30th Haifa International Film Festival, which concluded on October 18. The movie, directed by Asaf Korman,..View More

promised land1

Encouraging cinema

Offering a break from the political and armed conflicts that colour the international community's view of Israel, the 12th World Film Festival of Bangkok and the Israeli embassy have collaborated to..View More

The Gatekeepers

7 Israel Documentaries Worth Seeking Out

Many documentaries from all points of view have been made regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and other interest groups in the Middle East. Here are seven worth watching. 1. 'The and by a..View More

David Broza

Israeli troubadour launches peace project

Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza wishes to make a film documenting the recording process of his latest album East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem, produced as a collaboration between Israeli and in an..View More

The Green Prince

The Green Prince (Music Box Films, NR)

The Green Prince is a documentary based on the memoir Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef, a Palestinian who worked as an informant for ten years for the Israeli security agency Shin Bet. There are..View More

Villa Touma

The Hand That Feeds Bites Back

Like most film festivals around the world, the Toronto International Film Festival provides audiences with standard information about the movies on its menu: screening dates and times, duration, The..View More

Big Bad Wolves

‘Big Bad Wolves’ Helmers To Remake ‘Vengeance’ At Sony

EXCLUSIVE: Navot Papushado and Aharon Keshales have been set by Sony Pictures to write and direct a remake of the 2009 Hong Kong-French thriller Vengeance. Sony Pictures has acquired the underlying..View More

Next to Her

Director uses family knowledge for emotive tale of living with disability

Asaf Korman must have realised that the chances of his film Next To Her becoming a box office hit were slight. He is, after all, a first time feature director and the subject he chose for the movie..View More

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