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The Farewell Party

Review: Dark Israeli comedy 'The Farewell Party' finds humor in assisted dying

VENICE - When high schoolers Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne (Stacey Dash) successfully fix up a couple of single teachers in Amy Heckerling's seminal teen hit "Clueless", the pampered girls be..View More

Villa Touma

A guide for the perplexed: What’s the story with 'Villa Touma’?

When did it all begin? About a month ago it was reported that two Israeli films had been accepted to the prestigious Venice Film Festival, which runs from August 27 - September 6: "The Farewell by..View More

The Congress

Israeli director Ari Folman’s new film ‘The Congress’ is visually stunning

Israeli director Ari Folman's "The Congress" is "a visual masterpiece that will be studied and revered for generations," one critic writes. Another critic took a quite different view of the film, a..View More

Culture, Economy Ministries withdraw Israeli funds from 'Palestinian' film

Israeli-Arab director Suha Arraf will have to return government funding for her film "Villa Touma," as she presented it to international film festivals as Palestinian despite the funding agreement a..View More

Self Made

Shira Geffen's clever identity-swap comedy subverts cliches and upends expectations.

The region may be strained by conflicting ideals, but it's shoddy, Ikea-style furniture that's to blame for the accident that shakes a Jerusalem art-world dynamo out of her latest creative rut. of -..View More

Villa Touma

Palestinian film made with Israeli funds stirs conflict

A film that depicts the plight of Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank, but which is funded by Israeli money, Villa Touma should have served as a rare example of mutual understanding and of..View More

Suha Arraf

I am an Arab, Palestinian and citizen of Israel - I have the right to define my own identity

Over the past few weeks, I have been under attack by the public and the media. I suffered this defamatory attack for defining my film Villa Touma as a Palestinian film even though most of the came I..View More


Israeli Comedy Scores Points by Bringing Together Soccer and Gay Politics

It's been an eventful summer for Beitar Jerusalem. In June, after several young Israelis brutally murdered an Arab teenager in retaliation for the kidnapping and killing of three Jewish youths, that..View More

Jerusalem Film Workshop

Lights, Camera, Kotel

The Jerusalem Film Workshop in its inaugural year saw great success last Wednesday afternoon, as its 21 participants graduated the six-week program with a screening of their most recent short films...View More

Shira Geffen's film Self Made

Israeli writer-director Shira Geffen works with boundaries of perception. "I like the kind of thing where you don't know exactly where you are, if it's a dream or not, and I search for this line all..View More

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