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The Other Son

Arab-Israeli conflict in 'The Other Son'

As Joseph prepares to trade his guitar for a gun, a routine blood test reveals that the young Israeli entering the air force may not be the biological child of his Jewish parents. The of to..View More

Dror Moreh on How He Convinced Israel's 'Gatekeepers' to Let Him In

Earlier this month, I met in New York with the Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh, who was in town to show his most recent project, The Gatekeepers, at the 50th New York Film Festival. The film,..View More

Fill the Void

Who will follow Rama Burshtein to the Oscars?

At 5 P.M. on one of the intermediate days of Sukkot, ultra-Orthodox women flocked with their daughters up the broad staircase of a tall building on Strauss Street, at the edge of the Geula in In a a..View More

Parents Who Are Left Holding the Truth, Palestinian or Israeli

"The Other Son," a new film by Lorraine Lévy, shares its premise with "The Prince and the Pauper" and Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors," though its mood is more melodramatic than humorous. The..View More

The Other Son

Movie review: 'The Other Son' a switched-at-birth story with a twist

Switched-at-birth stories are always heartbreaking, the parents who discover years later that the child they loved and raised is not their own, the child whose identity is upended. Into that already..View More

The Other Son

Film Review: The Other Son

The Other Son is one potent and intelligent package. Its strong story, top production values and fresh approach to an intractable and endless, headline-grabbing problem signal strong art-house plot..View More

Rescuing Jewish Musicians

When Zubin Mehta takes the stage at the Disney Concert Hall on Oct. 30 to conduct the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO), most in the audience will know that they're hearing a world-class Very few..View More

Movie review: The Other Son

There are a lot of ways Lorraine Levy could have gone with the premise of The Other Son, opening in limited release Friday. Thankfully, she took the least-expected one. A tale, The..View More

The Other Son

Sons and Others

The French title of "The Other Son," "Le fils de l'autre," translates literally as "the son of the other." The original title better expresses director Lorraine Lévy's intentions in this, her..View More

Israeli Filmmakers Celebrated at Chicago International Film Festival

Two Israeli films and a third film by an Israeli director were announced as winners at the 48th annual Chicago International Film Festival Competition, which runs until Thursday in the windy city. A..View More

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