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Home Movie

Home Movie

A house is not a home, so the old song goes. Fair enough, but then what is? The notion of home goes beyond the physical, one understands. It encompasses the emotional, is shaped by the intangible, a..View More

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea

Skyping with the enemy

If you were friendly with someone living in Gaza, would you have felt any differently about Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense, its week-long campaign against Hamas terror targets? That's the of..View More

The Law in These Parts

Judging the judges

The Israeli judicial system has long flaunted its liberal credentials against Binyamin Netanyahu's right-wing coalition. But in his documentary, "The Law in These Parts", Israeli film-maker Ranaan a..View More

The Invisible Men

Plight of Gay Palestinians No Credit to Israel Read more:

With the recent coinage of the term "pinkwashing," presumably an "unofficial" official policy whereby the Israeli government touts its progressive stance vis-à-vis gay and lesbian rights as a..View More


Six Israeli Spymasters on a Shadowy Past and a Dark Future

  “The Gatekeepers,” a new documentary by the Israeli director Dror Moreh, consists of interviews with six men, all of them retired, most of them bald, one of them a type, his..View More

Blood Relations

Blood Relations: The Ties That Bind

Could you hurt someone who had your blood running through their veins? That was the question asked in Blood Relations, the short documentary that screened in the Other Israel Film Festival in..View More

Israeli director used to be a financial analyst

It has been a long and winding road for Yaron Zilberman, an Israeli, New York City-based film director. Zilberman, whose first feature film, A Late Quartet, opens here on Nov. 23 after its at the a..View More

Hitler's Children

Hitler's Children: Film Review

Chronicling the emotional struggles of five descendants of top Nazi figures to overcome the horrific legacy of the "sins of their fathers," Israeli filmmaker Chanoch Ze'evi's Hitler's Childen is a a..View More

Ra'anan Alexandrowicz

The Law in These Parts

In 2003, Ra'anan Alexandrowicz' narrative feature film, "James' Journey to Jerusalem," was being screened at a local film festival, and the Israeli cultural attaché there led the discussion a..View More

Yariv Mozer

Yariv Mozer: Invisible Men

The Invisible Men tells the hidden story of persecuted gay Palestinians who have run away from their families and are now living secretly and illegally in Tel Aviv. The film examines a trio of 32 a..View More

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