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James Journey to Jerusalem Still

Behind Israel's Silver Screen

The money that led to the creation of "Yossi and Jagger," "Operation Grandma," "Adventures of James in the Holy Land," "My Father, My Lord" and many other movies is about to be wiped off the public..View More

Photo By: Ammar Awad / Reuters

Women-Only Movie Sparks Debate, Understanding

As an Orthodox woman - hassidic, even - it has been hard for me to watch the news and developments from Israel in recent weeks. On one hand, Jewish law and traditions of female modesty are very to..View More

Assi Dayan on set

Understanding 'Life According to Agfa'

After many years of making mostly light and enjoyable comedies, Assi Dayan decided, sometime back in the early 1990s, to change direction. He devoted himself to writing a different kind of One that..View More

The Congress

A Look at "Waltz with Bashir" Director's Upcoming Film

Though it's taking its time to get here "The Congress," Ari Folman's ambitious follow-up to his celebrated "Waltz With Bashir," continues to tease, and this new look dug up by Thompson On Hollywood..View More

Nudnik with a movie camera

A throwback to the seretei bourekas (silly comedies) of the 1960s and '70s, Little Simiko's Big Fantasy is essentially a television sitcom stretched out to movie length. This doesn't mean that it in..View More

The Little Traitor

Review of Film Based on Novel By Amos Oz

WINNIPEG - The film, The Little Traitor, based on Amos Oz' novel, Panther in the Basement, focuses on an extraordinarily smart, spirited, and sensitive youth, Proffy (a nickname short for professor..View More

Where did it all go right?

Ten years ago, the Israeli Knesseth approved the country's first Cinema Law. Now the entire local film industry is basking in the glory of what has turned out to be a success story in every of films..View More

Eyes Wide Open

Films About Being Gay in Israel Indicative of Israeli Attitude

Aside from being the epicenter of the Israel film industry, Tel Aviv is quickly earning a reputation as the hottest gay destination in the Middle East. Or, as screenwriter, producer and journalist a..View More


Potential Sell Off of Israeli Documentary Channel

The satellite television provider Yes is considering selling off its documentary channel because it could face millions of shekels in sanctions, a change that independent filmmakers fear would make..View More


Israeli Director-Screenwriter Joseph "Yossi" Cedar Is A Hot Name In Hollywood

As awards for Footnote pile up, the director-screenwriter reflects on why he remains in Israel among a new generation of talented filmmakers. With an Oscar nomination, a Cannes Film Festival award..View More

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