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Holy Zoo

‘Denial,’ acceptance, and other Jewish matters in the movies

Some films capture the essence of Jewry. But they're not necessarily showing at YES Planet or Cinema City, so viewers need to make something of an effort to see them. Get The Times of Israel's by a..View More

Israel’s ‘Sand Storm’ fails to make Oscar shortlist

Israel’s ‘Sand Storm’ fails to make Oscar shortlist

Israel's hopes for an Oscar as best foreign-language film were dashed when "Sand Storm" failed to make the cut as competing entries from 85 countries were narrowed to nine however, three of the nine..View More

Lost and Found

Movies: Lost and found

People like to think that the Holocaust ended in jubilation as the Allies liberated the camps. But the story of World War II is incomplete without a reckoning of the displacement, confusion and loss..View More

Rising Arab Film Star

Rising Israeli Arab TV Star No Longer Forced to Worry About Humiliating Airport Security Checks

Israeli cinema and television have provided Palestinian actress Samar Qupty with a showcase for her talent and enabled her to make small inroads against bigotry - even among the occasional airport a..View More

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