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Footnote Cast Oscars

"Footnote" at the Oscars: No Win but Many Compliments

'Footnote' didn't win an Oscar, but the Israeli filmmakers won praise from Steven Spielberg, kibitzed with George Clooney in Yiddish and had a moving encounter with the Iranian winners. "At this I..View More

Incessant Visions

Israeli Films Come to The JCC

The JCC in Manhattan is screening six Israeli films as part of its winter season. The films, which range  in genre and theme, display the scope of Israeli cinema while remaining in..View More

Joseph Cedar (center), director of

"Footnote" beaten by "A Separation" at the Oscars

"Footnote" failed to win Israel's first Academy Award, coming up short in the best foreign-language film category. The film, directed and written by Joseph Cedar, was beaten out by the Iranian "A a..View More

And the winner is...Sony - The real reason Footnote did not win the Oscar.

In these chaotic times, it is exciting to see an Iranian film competing with an Israeli film and a Holocaust film for an Academy Award. The political irony of East vs. West has not been this strong..View More

Tank and Sunflowers

Debating the Best Israeli Films

With “Footnote” the fourth Israeli film in five years to make it to the shortlist nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film Israel’s recent cinematic is of..View More

Joseph Cedar

"Footnote" Director Joseph Cedar Talks Movies, Talmud and Committees

Joseph Cedar is enjoying quite the career as an Israeli filmmaker. His latest film, Footnote, has been nominated for the for Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, Cedar’s second has..View More


Film Interview: Footnote

When asked about how he came to the title of his latest film, Footnote, director Joseph Cedar offered this anecdote. "One Talmud researcher, who is known to be very sparse and dry in his writing, a..View More

Grumpy in the Face of Prizes In ‘Footnote,’ a father and son are set against each other over awards.  Read more:

Is Sony Pictures Classics Playing Oscar Favorites?

Sony Pictures Classics (SPC) is one of the leading distributors of foreign and art-house films in America. This year they have three films nominated at the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign film by..View More

(L-R) Lior Ashkenazi,Joseph Cedar, Micah Lewensohn and Yuval Scharf arrive for the screening of

A Sneak Peek at “Footnote,” Israel’s Oscar Nominee

In his latest film, Israeli writer-director Joseph Cedar has created a drama of personal controversy. He explores spirit, resilience and responsibility. "Footnote" tells the story of a father, by by..View More

Clara Khoury

An Interview with Clara Khoury

After a prolonged process of painful maturation, actress Clara Khoury now declares: "Something inside me has calmed down." Her green eyes are dreamy. "For many years I was very confused about the of..View More

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