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God's Neighbors

Film Review | Vigilantes for the Lord

This action-packed yet surprisingly tender 2012 Israeli film had a better Hebrew title, HaMashgichim, or "The [Kosher] Supervisors" - like the rabbis whose business it is to maintain the kashrut of..View More

Gatekeepers and 5 Broken cameras

No consular reception for Israel’s Oscar filmmakers

he Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers of "The Gatekeepers" and "5 Broken Cameras" were snubbed by Israel's emissaries in Los Angeles ahead of Sunday's Academy Awards. Both films, which were dubbed..View More

Fill the Void

17th Annual Israeli Film Festival Opens March 2

Yaron should know: She is the chairwoman of the festival, which will take place March 2-17 in different venues across the Delaware Valley. Working together with Mindy Chriqui, who has been involved..View More

Gatekeepers and 5 Broken cameras

The Oscars shine spotlight on Israeli treatment of Palestinian

JERUSALEM - Not one but two Israeli-made documentaries are finalists for an Oscar this Sunday. But instead of being a cause for celebration, both movies are giving the state's prime minister, a a of..View More

masa alunkot

A rich history of Israeli film, in need of rescue

Yigal Alon, the army general and politician once said, "A nation that doesn't respect its past will have a dull present and an uncertain future." By extension, a culture that doesn't preserve the a..View More

The Gatekeepers

Israeli Oscar-nominated documentary angers Netanyahu

"The Gatekeepers" is a French-Israeli production which sheds light on the Israeli regime's 46-year-old occupation of the West Bank through interviews with six former heads of the Israeli security to..View More

Five Broken Camera

‘Five Broken Cameras’ sparks debate over Israel funding

Co-directed by Palestinian Emad Burnat and Israeli Guy Davidi, the film documents the story of Bil'in village and the struggle of its residents to protect their land from Jewish settlers and giant a..View More

5 Broken Cameras

Palestinian co-director of '5 Broken Cameras' reportedly detained at Los Angeles airport

Michael Moore, the American film director, posted a message Wednesday on his Twitter page saying that the Palestinian co-director of the film "5 Broken Cameras," Emad Burnat, had been detained early..View More

The Gatekeepers

Oscar-nominated film shows Israeli security chiefs often backing dovish policies in retirement

Israel's Academy Award-nominated documentary "The Gatekeepers" has won rave reviews for the candid soul-searching of its chief protagonists _ the six living former directors of the country's shadowy..View More

 Broken Cameras

Documentary: "Five Broken Cameras" A bloody look at non-violent resistence

The film's premiere in the Palestinian territories took place recently at the Ramallah Cultural Palace, a multimillion-dollar centre unmatched in its size and facilities in the territories. The and..View More

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