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Collaborator Film Puts Palestinians in Oscars Frame

Nominated in the best foreign language category, it raises the highly sensitive issue of Palestinian collaborators.The movie follows the difficult choices that the title character, a young baker, he..View More


Middle East Showdown: Yuval Adler’s ‘Bethlehem’ Explores Tense Bond Between Israeli Agent and Palestinian Informer

Less is more in Bethlehem, Israeli filmmaker Yuval Adler’s slick debut feature about an Israeli secret service agent and his teen Palestinian informer and the animosities that envelop them. he..View More

Big Bad Wolves

Israeli Filmmakers Bite Into the Horror Genre

For a nation whose film culture has, for decades, revered the meditative and the political, Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado’s film “Rabies” — a twisted fairy tale, about..View More


One Conflict, One Wall, Two Sides Of The Arab-Israeli World

American art-house audiences are being offered an intriguing exercise in double vision over the next couple of weeks: two movies about Palestinian informants and their complicated relationships with..View More


In 'Bethlehem', Israeli-Palestinian Pair Aim for 'Neutral' View of Conflict

Centering on the complicated relationship between an Israeli secret service agent and his young Palestinian informant, the taut, tightly wound thriller has racked up several awards in Israel and at..View More

Nor Vital

The Israeli Who's Revealing All About Transgenders

In the climactic scene of Mor Vital's documentary "Julianna Lev: Arab, Israeli, Transgender, Porn-Star," Julianna, an Arab transgender, wears a black Arabic gown and burka, which cover her from head..View More

big bad wolves

Waltzing with Wolves: Israeli Filmmakers (Re)Discover Violence

If you’ve ever seen a vigilante movie, the following plot description might ring some bells: a little girl is missing and the main suspect is caught by the police but is quickly released due a..View More

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