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Rabbis cry gewalt after watching Israeli film 'Gett'

The 2014 movie “Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem,” which portrays a woman who has been fighting for three years to get a divorce, “does not reflect in any way what happens in the..View More

Zero Motivation

From ‘Zero’ to Box Office Champ

After four years of struggling to line up financing for her debut film, Talya Lavie readily acknowledges that her hopes and expectations for the reception of Zero Motivation were know..View More

aya 3

For 'Aya,' From Israel to the Oscars

The idea for “Aya” began with a daydream: What if you were waiting for someone at the airport and instead you picked up a total stranger? What then? That wisp of a fantasy, dreamed up a..View More

aya 2

Oscar-nominated Israeli film 'Aya' fails to win Academy Award

Oscar-nominated Israeli film "Aya" failed to win the award for best live action short film on Monday at the 87th Academy Award ceremony in Los Angeles.The award instead went to the British film "The..View More

running orthodox

Israeli film breaks ultra-Orthodox taboo on masturbation

It is a delicate subject which has been taboo since biblical times but now an Israeli documentary has broken new ground by exploring the ultra-Orthodox Jewish ban on masturbation. Sacred Sperm was..View More

Director of Footnote, Joseph Cedar

Buscemi, Sheen join Israeli director Joseph Cedar’s first English-language film

Well-known actors Steve Buscemi and Michael Sheen have joined the cast of Israeli director Joseph Cedar’s first English-language movie “Oppenheimer Strategies,” which..View More


Rabin assassination investigated in Amos Gitai's upcoming film

  Last week, footage was shot for the film “Le Dernier Jour de Rabin” (“Rabin’s Last Day”). The set turned a spacious hall in the B’nai House in..View More


The long and short of making ‘Aya’

Most young, independent filmmakers try to play it cool, but Mihal Brezis and Oded Binnun, the Israeli co-directors of Aya, a movie nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short, are at..View More

Film on Israel-Palestine wins Best Documentary in Pasadena

A full-length documentary on the challenges facing peace between Palestinians and Israelis, “A People without a Land” was named as the winner of the “Best Documentary at..View More

Eran Riklis’s latest film illuminates the experience of Israel’s Arab citizens

Take great care when filming a story that touches on politics — a principle Israeli director Eran Riklis was ever mindful of while crafting “Dancing Arabs.” “The days of a..View More

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