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Middle Eastern Films Dominate at Fribourg Festival

An Israeli film has taken top honours at Fribourg's International Film Festival, with the jury awarding the main prize to director Ido Fluk's "It's Never Too Late". The road movie is his first and a..View More

Filming In Chernobyl, The ‘Land Of Oblivion’

‘Shooting On Site Absolute Necessity' The film had to be shot in Chernobyl. That was the sizeable challenge Michale Boganim set herself for her first feature film, the story of a young bride..View More


Meet the Catholic priest with the kippah

What makes a Jew? This is the question at the heart of Israeli filmmaker Ronit Kerstner's documentary Torn. The film, which was screened last week as part of the 10th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival..View More

Bar Rafaeli

Bar Refaeli to star in Israeli-French comedy about 2010 alleged Mossad hit

Israeli model Bar Refaeli is set to join the cast of an upcoming Israeli-French film that will poke fun at the 2010 assassination of senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. The film is..View More

Controversial Milk Documentary Will be Broadcast in the Land of Milk and Honey - Israel

  Got the facts on Milk?, a feature documentary that questions the notorious health claims made by the Dairy Industry, will be broadcast this week in Israel. The film (also known as The Milk a..View More

Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff joins first ever UK/Israel co-production 'Zaytown'

Stephen Dorff has been added to the cast of Zaytown. The film, which is the first ever co-production between the UK and Israel, will be directed by Eran Riklis (Lemon Tree) and produced by Gareth..View More

Bombay Beach 2

"Bombay Beach" Review

Do a quick search for photos of Bombay Beach and you will be stunned by a post-apocalyptic landscape in a land where the end of the world never happened. Looking eerily like a set from Fallout: The..View More

My Lovely Sister

'My Lovely Sister': A Ghostly Domestic Drama

Grave-digging, the risen dead, a Charon-like figure transporting the recently deceased, and some particularly gothic wallpaper all sound like elements of a horror film. That it's not actually on en..View More

From Israel: Politics And Romance At The Movies

Transcript: (To listen click here)  MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: If you like your TV programs with complex characters, tightly written scripts with one foot firmly planted in the real world, a..View More


Themes in the Oscar-nominated Footnote hit uncomfortably close for Israeli director

Israeli film director Joseph Cedar has been nominated for two Academy Awards, but if you don’t speak Hebrew, you probably don’t know of him. And you’re not alone. “My told..View More

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