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Israeli Filmmaker Amos Gitai Making Movie About AMIA Bombing

The Brazilian production company Prana Films will produce the movie based on the 1994 bombing attack on the center that left 85 dead and hundreds wounded. One venue will be the Paraguayan city of a..View More

Zero Motivation

Israeli Films to Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

This year's lineup for the annual Tribeca Film Festival has just been released and will include Israeli films "Zero Motivation" and "Firstborn". Zero Motivation: Filmmaker Talya Lavie steps into a..View More

Cannon Fodder

Israeli Zombies Invade the Big Screen

Israel is a small country surrounded by enemies, but up until now, they were all human enemies. With the release this week of Eitan Gafny’s Cannon Fodder, Israel now has its own zombies. to a..View More


The Violent Mystery of a Missing Dog Unravels in This Israeli Short Film

Why Watch? This short film from director Gal Ziv opens with a man and woman getting a phone call regarding their lost dog and then jumps down a rabbit hole to reveal violence, desperation and of of..View More


Downward Mobility in Israel

There is a new generation of Israeli filmmakers out there, and its practitioners are taking the Israeli cinema in some fascinating new directions. Whether it’s the insider’s view of the..View More

A Place in Heaven

The Least Well-Known Star of Israeli Cinema

For three decades, the actor Alon Aboutboul has been one of the mainstays of the Israeli film industry. Since the beginning of the 1980s, hardly a year has gone by in which he hasn’t appeared..View More

David Perlov Painting

The Other Stroke of Genius of a Great Israeli Filmmaker

Titled “David Perlov: Drawings, Photographs, Films,” the exhibition at the Museum of Art in Kibbutz Ein Harod encompasses a range of materials, including paintings on paper, lithographs,..View More

Noam Murro

300: Rise of an Israeli Director

The gory, amputation-packed sequel to the cult popcorn thriller “300” — “300: Rise of an Empire” – roared into US theaters on Friday, marking both a new low in as..View More


REVIEW: 'Bethlehem' ?? 1/2

Like the Academy Award-nominated film "Omar," "Bethlehem" explores the complex relationship between a young Palestinian informant and an older Israeli secret service officer who has recruited the to..View More

Under the Same Sun

New Israeli-Palestine Film, Under the Same Sun, Set For Release

Under the Same Sun is the story of two businessmen, Shaul Cohen, an Israeli, and Nizar Ahmad, a Palestinian who set out to make money but end up making peace. The film is produced by two veteran and..View More

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