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Dancing in Jaffa

Facing the music... and each other

Overcoming the challenges of teaching Arab, Jewish Israeli kids to dance together is the subject of the film ‘Dancing in Jaffa'. Ballroom dancing, with its emphasis on formality and decorum,..View More

Six Canadian comics in search of Israeli humor

In a meta twist that could make one's head spin, Israeli-Canadian filmmaker Igal Hecht latest work, 'A Universal Language,' documents a working tour by six Canadian comics of the Holy Land, in to at..View More

Six Acts

Israeli Diversity at Tribeca Film Fest

The three Israeli films at this year's Tribeca Film Festiva, which ended April 28, reflect an eclectic mix of genres, visions, and views about Israeli culture and the world at large. Two of the deal..View More

The Attack

Beirut bans Lebanese film shot in Israel

Lebanon's interior minister says ministry granted director Ziad Doueiri permit to film movie, but was forced to revoke it after receiving letter of protest from Israel Boycott Office of Arab Ziad in..View More

The Other Son

A Path Through Middle East Darkness

When we think of political dramas our mental image usually involves high-powered men and women expounding on their visions, swaying the masses or forcing through legislation (Gandhi, The Iron Lady,..View More


A Film Showing Grandchildren of Auschwitz Survivors Who Tattoo the Numbers on Themselves

It's been over sixty years since the Holocaust, but time has not faded the memories for those who survived it. And as part of this year's 27th Israel Film Festival, a tribute will be made to the and..View More


The Gatekeepers is an important film. Friends of Israel must not dismiss it

The Academy-Award-nominated documentary The Gatekeepers, commercially released last week in the UK, is a visceral experience. Its combination of technical brilliance, political urgency and moral me..View More

A Strange Course of Events

Raphael Nadjari’s A Strange Course of Events Selected for Canne’s Director’s Fortnight

Raphael Nadjari's film A Strange Course of Events has been selected for screening in the prestigious Director's Fortnight (Quinzaine) at the Cannes Film Festival. The program runs from May 2 - 26, a..View More

Big Bad Wolves

Tribeca Film Fest, Day 5: "Big Bad Wolves"

If you haven't been paying attention to the Israeli film industry, you're screwing up. Given that the country is two-for-two at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, it'd be foolish to overlook the is..View More

Six Acts

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 - 'Six Acts' Movie Review: A Charged Revision of Sexual Exploitation in Male-Dominated Societies

When conversing about the sexual exploitation of woman in male-dominated societies, the female sex is usually victimized while the male sex is relegated to the status of human rights violator. of of..View More

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