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Award-Winning Israeli Cop Film Finally to Hit American Shores

Israeli prizewinning film "Policeman" is slated to hit U.S. theaters in June – three years after its original release –the IMDb and Movie Insider websites have reported."Policeman" won a..View More

Zero Motivation

Israeli Film Wins Top Prize at NY’s Tribeca

The Israeli film “Zero Motivation” on Thursday took home top accolades in the form of the Best Narrative Feature prize at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.The film, a modestly comic..View More

Zero Motivation

Tribeca Film Festival: Israeli Film ‘Zero Motivation’ Scores Two Awards (FULL LIST)

Talya Lavie’s “Zero Motivation,” a comedy about a unit of young Israeli soldiers, nabbed two prizes, including one for best narrative feature, at the 2014 Tribeca Film awards which..View More



There might seem to be a world of difference between Israeli director Eytan Fox’s last film, the coming-out-of-grief, intimate drama Yossi, and his new movie, the delicious, comedy musical But..View More

Zero Motivation

Israeli Films Show Nuance at Tribeca Film Fest

Talya Lavie’s first feature, “Zero Motivation,” screening April 17 – 24, focuses on a unit of female Israeli soldiers at a desert-based human resource center awash..View More

A Strange Course of Events

Fractured Israeli Masculinity Captured in Raphael Nadjari's New Film

A Strange Course of Events Directed by Raphael Nadjari; written by Raphael Nadjari, Geoffrey Grison; with Ori Pfeffer, Moni Moshonov, Michaela Eshet, Bethany Gorenberg Reality in the films of is of..View More

Dancing in Jaffa

Review: In 'Dancing in Jaffa,' Steps Toward Understanding

Grass roots Middle East diplomacy takes the unlikely form of rumba lessons in "Dancing in Jaffa," a documentary that doesn't force-feed its message of hope but genuinely earns it. Director Hilla as..View More

Six Acts

Israeli Cinema Goes Dark

A girl’s body beheaded by a pedophile, two boys who lock a girl in their bomb shelter, a high-school girl who has to cope with a series of sexual harassments – these are just a few of on..View More


Giraffada, Palestinian Giraffe Tells The Story of Occupation

The giraffe — a symbol of peace and beauty for the director — and the lion — representing the ferociousness of the Israeli occupation —frame the narrative of Giraffada, a on..View More

Dancing in Jaffa

Film Review: ‘Dancing in Jaffa’

Ballroom dancing bridges gaps between Jewish and Palestinian children in Israel in “Dancing in Jaffa,” a surprising, well-crafted documentary about how the celebrated dancer Pierre a of..View More

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