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Five Broken Camera

One PalestinianVillage Resists

There have been several good documentaries (and a few good feature films) made about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that unhappy relationship between neighbors that has such wide ripple effects -..View More

Eytan Fox

Renaissance Director

Directors who have just released a film tend to be a bit frantic. They are trying to coordinate a lot of interviews and appearances at once, while fielding calls from well-wishers. Their agent may a..View More

 Broken Cameras

Broken Cameras and Unjust Laws

Groups of unarmed civilians, carrying flags and shouting chants, face a heavily armed flank of soldiers. The militia moves forward, guns begin to fire, and the people flee, fearing for their lives,..View More

Mr. Burnat’s son Gibreel looks out on an Israeli settlement.

A Palestinian Whose Cameras Are Witnesses and Casualities of Conflict

"5 Broken Cameras" provides a grim reminder - just in case you needed one - of the bitter intractability of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A chronicle of protest and endurance, punctuated by and..View More

5 Broken Cameras

'Broken Cameras' Director Sees Hope for Israel

When emailing and skyping with Guy Davidi, the 33-year old Israeli co-director of "5 Broken Cameras," opening May 30 in New York at the Film Forum, one encounters a sophisticated - albeit imperfect..View More

Ishai Golan in 'The Slut'

Israel's soldier actor is all grown up

Ishai Golan is used to playing soldiers, mostly very miserable ones. In his newest film, however, Hagar Ben-Asher's "The Slut," he has a different duty: satisfying his neighbor, a woman whose lust a..View More

Yossi's Story

Film on gays and IDF could reinforce Israeli militarism

When "Yossi and Jagger" appeared 10 years ago, I found it both heartrending and groundbreaking. Opening up the still-taboo subject of homosexuality in the army, the film provided a sharp critique of..View More

God's Neighbors

Israeli film wins award in Cannes Film Festival

Another international achievement for Israeli cinema: God's Neighbors, a film by Meni Yaesh has won the Gaul's Society of Authors, Directors and Composers award in the prestigious Cannes Film The is..View More

Home Movie

Docaviv 2012: Women in Documentary Films

Here's a proposition worth arguing about: documentary films about women make for more interesting viewing. It's an imperfect dichotomy, I accept. But, once one accepts that documentary film-making a..View More

Inventing our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment

Documentary traces changes in kibbutz life

Back in the 1930s and ’40s, when Diaspora Jews desperately needed a symbol of Jewish strength and pride, the brawny, sunburned kibbutznik became the poster image for the new Jew emerging in a..View More

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