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Fill the Void

2 Israeli Films to be Screened at Venice Festival

The prestigious Venice Film Festival has recently announced the acceptance of two Israeli films to the event - Idan Hubel's "The Cutoff Man," and " Fill the Void" by Rama Burstein. The two withdrew..View More

The Matchmaker

Movie Review: 'The Matchmaker' takes on Israeli...

"The Matchmaker" is a surprise. It sounds like a throwback to an earlier, more traditional style of Israeli filmmaking but it instead provides a view of that country that's as satisfyingly eccentric..View More

The Invisible Men

Pink-Sponge Protesters Take Aim at Israeli Documentary

Protesters interrupted the introduction of an Israeli documentary about gay Palestinians, with the film's director then making an impassioned plea on behalf of the Jewish state. The incident June 23..View More


Experts on Sensitive Issues and Taboos

Cannes 2008. Absolute quiet prevailed. The closing credits of "Waltz with Bashir" rolled up on the screen in front of us. Many in the audience were crying. Rarely has a film here so deeply affected..View More

Rafi Bukai, My Father

A film with No Happy Ending

"When I was 2 years and 4 months old Rafi, my father, died. I know all kinds of things about him from stories of people who knew him, but I think the time has come for me to get to know him on my as..View More

Five Broken Camera

‘5 Broken Cameras’: Can West Bank Film Change Israel?

A few years ago, the Israeli human-rights group B'Tselem distributed several hundred videocameras to Palestinians in the West Bank and asked them to record the daily abuses they experienced at the a..View More


The Matchmaker

How does a filmmaker tell a Holocaust story that hasn't been told before? "The Matchmaker" does it by weaving fable with realism, coming-of-age innocence with adult grief, and guilt with film opens..View More

Gypsy Davy

"Gypsy Davy" Latest from Rachel Leah Jones

Rachel Leah Jones, the Berkeley-born Israeli filmmaker whose "Gypsy Davy" screens at next month's San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, usually makes charged documentaries about race, class and the -..View More

Profile Picture

Israeli Director Chosen for Berlin Film Residency

Director and screenwriter Samuel Maoz ("Lebanon" ) was chosen as one of six participants in the Berlinale Residency Program, which brings directors with a film in progress to the German capital to a..View More

5 Broken Cameras

"Five Broken Cameras" Wins Again

A film about the Israeli occupation of a Palestinian village told from the perspective of a local landowner has taken the Audience Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest. Five Broken Cameras, from Emad Burnat..View More

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