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Big Bad Wolves

Israeli cinema in four words: Goodbye occupation, hello zombies

  Dismemberment, torture, abduction, cannibalism and rivers of blood are not commonly found in Israeli cinema. Images centering on violence and shots of body parts have appeared mainly in war..View More

The Attack

'The Attack' Reaches For a Rare Mideast Neutral

As "The Attack" opens, Amin Jaafari (Ali Suliman), an Israeli-Arab surgeon practicing in Tel Aviv, is seeing off his wife, Siham (Reymond Amsellem), as she departs by bus for a trip to Nablus. They..View More

Jerusalem Film Festival

The Jerusalem Film Festival turns 30

The Jerusalem Film Festival will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in style from July 4-13 at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and other locations around the city with an extremely strong program of of..View More

The Attack

Ziad Doueiri's Film 'The Attack' Encounters Opposition

Filmmaker Ziad Doueiri wanted "The Attack" to start a conversation. But that assumed people could see his Middle Eastern terrorism tale. "We knew when we were writing the script that the film was..View More

The Wonders

Wonders--A new film by Avi Nesher

The new Avi Nesher film, Wonders, is now playing in movie theaters in Israel. The film is scripted jointly by Nesher and Sha'anan Street (lead singer of the Israeli internationally renowned hip-hop..View More

The Attack

The attack of Lebanon's defiant filmmaker

"I don't want to carry the burden of the Middle East on my shoulders", remarked a frustrated and slightly irked Ziad Doueiri, sounding as if he'd had to answer the question hundreds of times. I was..View More

The Attack

The Attack — When Your Wife Is the Suicide Bomber

A highly regarded Arab surgeon working in Tel Aviv, Amin (Ali Suliman), the protagonist of The Attack, is the kind of sensible, good-hearted person to whom terrible things tend to happen in movies...View More

Hen Yanni in “Melting Away”

Israeli film embraces transgender teen, stunned parents

Doron Eran's empathetic and touching drama "Melting Away" may be the first Israeli feature film about parents coming to terms with a transgendered child. It begins with a poignant confession. "No a..View More

The Attack

‘The Attack’ movie review

"The Attack" opens like a love story, with a woman telling her husband that every time they separate, "a part of me dies." In light of what happens next, those words take on another, more ominous in..View More

Ali Suliman as Amin in ‘The Attack’

On ‘The Attack’: A Q&A with Writer-Director Ziad Doueiri

Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiri hoped to add a little nuance and ambiguity to the debate about the Israeli occupation with his adaptation of The Attack, Yasmina Khadra's novel about a secular doctor..View More

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