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Calling artists 'tight-asses,' minister escalates culture clash

Culture Minister Miri Regev continued on Thursday to stoke the fires of conflict which has raged in recent days between herself and Israel’s artistic community, calling the country’s and..View More

jersey shore

July 12-19: 5th Annual Israel Film Festival on the Jersey Shore

The fifth annual Axelrod Israel Film Festival opens on Sunday, July 12, 2015 at the Axelrod Performing Arts Center in Deal. Since the inception of the festival, the focus has been to spotlight new..View More

Rabin doc

'Beyond the Fear' Coming to Jerusalem Film Festival

November 4th, 1995 will forever remain a tragic day in Israel's history, the date when beloved Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by Israeli nationalist Yigal Amir. Many experts say we..View More

east jerusalem

London's Israeli Film Festival ignores boycott

With memories of last year’s unsuccessful attempt to derail London’s Israel Film Festival still fresh in the memory, the organizers of this year’s event ran into another at it..View More


Israeli Film Series at JCC Houston

The Evelyn Rubenstein JCC of Houston, in collaboration with The Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest, presents the 10th Summer Israeli Film Series at the J. A monthly film features two Hill..View More

Magic Men

Spotlight on Israel at Finchley Road film festival

Last week the documentary Electric Boogaloo told the story of how two Israeli film makers, Menhem Golam and Yoram Globus, having come to totally dominate the industry at home, went to America and in..View More

Yesh Makom

New film 'There's A Place (Yesh Makom)' looks at community of Israelis in Toronto

The opening scene establishes the location of the film. A car pulls up to a snowbank as snow gently falls all around. The door opens and the camera focuses on the ground, where we see winter the..View More

Borrowed Identity

'A Borrowed Identity': Brilliant exploration of identity and conflict

“A Borrowed Identity,” a striking Israeli film that was originally titled “Dancing Arabs,” is a drama that works brilliantly on many levels. It is an exploration of identity,..View More

The Kind Words

Shemi Zarhin's 'The Kind Words' tells a good tale, leaves viewers wanting more

  Of all the Israeli film directors who have a substantial body of work to their credit, Shemi Zarhin – whose sixth feature, “The Kind Words,” is now showing in Israel stands..View More

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