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New York Times Review of Lebanon

"War is a beast that needs death, so it doesn't die itself," concluded Samuel Maoz, who was thrown into Israel's war in Lebanon in 1982, at 20, and has now, after nearly 30 years, made an astringent..View More


Ophir Awards Nominees Announced

Ophir Awards promise to be more exciting than ever this year! In a press meeting held on July 27, 2010 in Tel Aviv Marek Rosenbaum, President of the Israel Academy for Film and Television announced..View More


Winners announced at the Jerusalem Film Festival

Winners of The 2010 Jerusalem Film Festival announced on Friday. The Israel Film Center's Distribution Award was presented to "Inflertation" by Carole Zabar, whose generos support enabled the of the..View More

Jerusalem Film Festival Logo

Buzz at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2010

A range of hard-hitting documentaries from Israel and abroad steal the spotlight at the continuing Jerusalem Film Festival.So far, the buzz this year at the 27th Jerusalem Film Festival, which ends..View More


Intimate Grammar Review

A grammar is a system of rules, a structure in which meaning can be created and communicated between individuals who share a common language. "Intimate Grammar", a film by Nir Bergman, is a poignant..View More

Ron Maiberg

Interview with Director Ron Maiberg

MAINE - Ron Maiberg died in Ramat Hasharon and was reborn in Blue Hill, Maine. The east-facing window of his bedroom is the first place in the United States to be touched by the sun's rays each in a..View More


Infiltration Review

Dover Kosashvilli's Infiltration, based on the novel by Yehoshua Kenaz and set in the early 1950′s, is about a platoon of newly recruited young soldiers going through basic training. They are..View More


Andante Review

Here is the description of the film Andante, according to the IMDB: "In a post-industrial world people are no longer able to dream. A factory run by Mr Terrier sells the frightened, sleepless a the..View More

Life After Death

The Acting Teacher Review

The Acting Teacher, Shlomo Hayun's documentary film, tries to solve a convoluted mystery: that of Nissan Nativ, the man who founded one of Israel's leading acting schools and gave several of Israeli..View More

77 Steps

77 Steps Review

It's a story of love in the city, and the city is Tel Aviv. Far away from home and family, chasing dreams on the gritty pavements, walking up endless flights of stairs, looking out from dilapidated..View More

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