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Sony Pictures Classics Acquires The Gatekeepers

Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they have acquired all North American rights to the documentary, The Gatekeepers by Dror Moreh (Sharon). The film, a co-production between DMP Les Films a..View More

Sight: An 8-Minute Augmented Reality Journey That Makes Google Glass Look Tame

Sight, a short, science fiction film by Israeli student filmmakers Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo is a brilliant take on the emerging world of augmented reality (AR)-the technology behind goofy The a..View More

Sundance Selects nabs 'Flat': Film unit acquires rights to docu

Sundance Selects has acquird all North American, Latin American, Scandinavian and UK rights to Arnon Goldfinger's documentary "The Flat." Deal excludes Jewish festival and educational wrote the it..View More

Robi Demelin

Grieving Israeli Mom to Palestinians: ‘Can We Talk?’

For someone who has spent the better part of a year traveling the world, telling her story - a captivating, deeply personal narrative about loss, grief and acceptance - Robi Damelin is downright a I..View More

Eli & Ben still

Film Genre in Israel Hopes to Overcome Teething Problems

When she finished writing "The Summer of Aviya" in the late 1980s, actress Gila Almagor reread it in a single sitting and then thought, "There's a movie here." Several years passed before her vision..View More

Amir Manor

Six Israeli Films to be Screened at Venice International Film Festival

Six new Israeli films are to be screened at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, including a project of shorts by Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers. The six films are "The Cutoff Man," the..View More


The Portrait of a Woman

Fragile    ???????? , directed by Vidi Bilu, is a feature film set in Jerusalem of 1966.  It is a bleak period -- no financial growth, no evening entertainment -- and the viewer ..View More


Zaytoun Announced For Toronto Film Festival

Bedlam Productions, the Academy and multi-award winning producer behind The Kings Speech, and FAR Films are delighted to announce that their latest film Zaytoun has been selected as a Special at the..View More


Seeing Israel through film

A majority of American Jews has never stepped foot in Israel, according to the 2012 survey of American Jewish Opinion conducted by the American Jewish Committee. So outside of news items about the a..View More

Palestinian Stereo

Drama meets daily life in Palestinian film

A motley crowd of children, veiled ladies and young men in jeans chant defiantly in the summer sun at the soldiers clad in olive drab and facing them with rifles. A clash looms. "Cut!" Director the..View More

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