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 Ali Waked

Venice: Israeli film takes no sides in conflict

VENICE, Italy (AP) - Israeli director Yuval Adler and Palestinian co-writer Ali Waked say they have won praise for their film ‘‘Bethlehem,'' which takes a street view of the conflict, on..View More

Venice Film Review: ‘Bethlehem’

Debuting Israeli writer-helmer Yuval Adler and Palestinian co-scripter Ali Waked combine forces and their own intimate knowledge of the contempo Arab-Israeli conflict to impressive effect in a wound..View More

Israel: A Home Movie

International film competition disinvites Israeli doc due to Dubai ceremony

The creators of the Israeli documentary "Israel: A Home Movie" were recently informed that their film has been dropped from an international competition for films based on archival footage, because..View More

big bad wolves

Big, Bad and Very Violent Wolves

Directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado were a huge success on the film festival circuit with their debut film Rabies three years ago. Fans of the film hailed it as a subtle twist on the as in..View More

Kippur DVD

Venice Film Festival: Director Amos Gitai’s Golden Years

Israeli director Amos Gitai has accomplished many personal goals in his four-decade career, and with his new pic, “Ana Arabia,” which was shot entirely in one take and will compete for a..View More

Venice Review: Israeli Film Academy Best Picture Nominee 'Bethlehem'

Venice has welcomed Israeli films into its line up many times over the last few years: tank-bound war film “Lebanon” was a Golden Lion-winner a few years back, and last year saw The of a..View More

A Place in Heaven

Film Review: ‘A Place in Heaven’

The meaning of the title soon emerges in a tale-within-a-tale that begins shortly after the founding of modern Israel: When a brave, much-admired officer dubbed Bambi (Alon Moni Aboutboul) returns a..View More

Out in the Dark

Out in the Dark @ AICE Israeli Film Festival

The 2013 AICE Israeli Film Festival has been underway across the country, offering the current highlights of its national cinema, as well as the 1960 Otto Preminger epic Exodus, on the founding of a..View More

Noemi Schory

Israeli Film Producer/Director Noemi Schory to Teach at the University of Minnesota

Noemi Schory, a renowned Israeli documentary film director and producer, will bring her talents to the University of Minnesota for a residency this upcoming fall semester. On campus, Schory will be..View More

Big Bad Wolves

Who’s afraid of 'Big Bad Wolves’?

"Big Bad Wolves," the newly released second film ‏(after "Rabies"‏) by Israeli directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, has been nominated for no fewer than 11 Ophir Awards, the of the..View More

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