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A tale of two Israels

I suppose the obvious first question is, why this topic? Some years ago, I made a film for the BBC - which was released in the United States under the title Peacekeepers - about British soldiers..View More

Six Million and One - The Fisher siblings, from left: David, Gideon, Estee and Ronel.

'Six Million and One' movie review

Lately, it seems the Israelis have taken over the Holocaust-film business, at least, the documentary division. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since a large percentage of Israel’s a..View More

Six Million and One: Film Review

The Holocaust takes a back seat to family dynamics in Israeli documentarian David Fisher’s self-indulgent examination of his father Joseph’s time at an Austrian concentration camp a..View More

Asia Naifeld and Udi Persi in Room 514 by Sharon Bar Ziv

Northern exposure: what to check out at the Haifa film festival this Sukkot

As on every Sukkot holiday, this year Haifa will once again become a pilgrimage destination for culture vultures and film enthusiasts across Israel. The Haifa Film Festival is hitting screens for as..View More

Prisoners of War

The Israeli Inspiration for 'Homeland'

Gideon Raff has had a busy summer. First, the thirty-nine-year-old Israeli writer and director shot the new season of his brainchild, "Hatufim." Then, the crew of "Homeland," which is based on his a..View More

Actor Stephen Dorff gets direction from Eran Riklis during filming of 'Zeitoun.'

Israeli hesitated to direct film set in Mideast

Eran Riklis, one of Israel's most successful filmmakers, was less than enthusiastic when he was offered a job to direct a feature film set in the Middle East. Fred Ritzenberg, an American producer,..View More

Six Million and One - The Fisher siblings, from left: David, Gideon, Estee and Ronel.

The Holocaust As Family Affair

The first image one sees in David Fisher's new documentary "Six Million and One" is a crumbling stone doorway bridged by a spider web. The visual irony is striking, with the rough yellow stone down,..View More

Dolphin Boy

Israel Film forum announces finalists for best documentary

The finalists for the Best Full-Length Documentary prize to be presented by the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum were announced over the weekend. "The Law in These Parts," directed by Ra'anan a..View More

Fill the Void

Movie by ultra-Orthodox director sweeps Israeli 'Oscar' ceremony

The film "Fill the Void," directed by ultra-Orthodox Rama Burshtein, swept seven prizes at the Ophir Awards ceremony in Haifa on Friday afternoon. The film snagged prizes for best director, best as..View More

Fill the Void

Israel selects 'Void' for Oscar contender

TEL AVIV -- Israel on Friday selected "Fill the Void" (Lemale et ha'chalal) as its submission for the best foreign language film at the Oscars. "Fill the Void" is a romantic comedy from first-time a..View More

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