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An Israel Film Center Review of This is Sodom

When Adam Sanderson and Muli Segev’s This is Sodom was released last summer in Israel, it broke Israeli records for the most ticket sales in a film's opening weekend and beat out major that..View More


Viva Espania: A Tale in Four Octaves

Ofer Naim's film, Viva Espania: A Tale in Four Octaves, is a documentary about Israeli singer Hanna Aharoni and is being released in the United States this November. Hanna Aharoni’s singing a..View More


Quick Look: Israel Film Fund

For a country so tiny, Israel is well-known for the passionate disagreement of its citizens on many political, social, religious and ethical issues. Yet, despite the risks that accompany favor of is..View More

Tomer and Barak Heymann

The Heymann Effect

Tomer and Barak Heymann draw a loyal, engaged and ever-growing following because of their bold approach to taboo and provocative subjects, taken on through small, personal and idiosyncratic stories...View More

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Israeli Films, Footnote, The Slut, Among Others to Premiere at 2011 Cannes Festival

This year, four Israeli films will appear at the Cannes Film Festival: Joseph Cedar’s Footnote, Hagar Ben-Asher’s The Slut, Anat Costi’s On My Doorstep, and Ma’ayan Martha A..View More


Spotlight on A Film Unfinished

"For almost half a century, an unfinished Nazi propaganda film of the Warsaw Ghetto, simply titled Das Ghetto and discovered by East German archivists after the war, was used by scholars and as a of..View More

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