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Find all your Israeli film information and resources at the first and most comprehensive online database of Israeli cinema. The Israeli Film Database aims to serve film presenters, industry people, and the general public both in Israel and the US.

The Guardians of Remembrance

The Guardians of Remembrance (2014)

Directed by: Boris Maftsir

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The Holocaust of the Jews in the former Soviet Union has remained a mystery, even for the many decades after the war has ended. Due to Ideological and political reasons the Soviet regime did not the.. View More

The Muses of Bashevis Singer

The Muses of Bashevis Singer (2014)

Directed by: Shaul Betser, Asaf Galay

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Many books, biographies and articles have been written about the life and work of Isaac Bashevis Singer. An exclusive discovery of the filmmakers brings to light a hitherto unknown chapter of his an.. View More

The Pracht Inn

The Pracht Inn (2014)

Directed by: Tamar Yaron

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An adaptation of Aharon Appelfeld's novel Night after Night. In the sixties, a group of holocaust survivors live together in a hostel in Jerusalem. At night they meet in the corridor to drink cognac.. View More

Farewell to Avraham Hefner, the Forgotten Genius of Israeli Cinema

On my first morning in Tel Aviv University’s film school, a short gentleman with a shiny bald head and a neatly trimmed white beard walked into the classroom and told us that he was very sorry..View More

Great films at the Eurasia film festival

Israeli film Next To Her has won the top prize at the Eurasia Film Festival which was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The international jury was headed up by Kazakh actor Assanali..View More

Five Broken Camera

Israel Documentary: 7 Influential Films on Israeli Struggles

Documentary films that have been influential in highlighting Israelis’ struggles have a long history, but until the last few years, none had been nominated for an Oscar.“The and “5..View More