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About the Israeli Film Database

Find all your Israeli film information and resources at the first and most comprehensive online database of Israeli cinema. The Israeli Film Database aims to serve film presenters, industry people, and the general public both in Israel and the US.

Legends of the Ten Lost Tribes (1996)

Directed by: Aran Patinkin

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The legend begins where history fades out.  After the death of King Solomon, the Hebrew nation split into two kingdoms. The Southern Kingdom of Judas comprised of two tribes, one of which,.. View More



Directed by: Aran Patinkin

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Based on a true story, Enlightenment tells the story of a young Israeli Lior Saar, who traveled to India, determined to find Enlightenment. We follow his tortuous path in search of meaning.. View More

shalom aleichem poster

Shalom Aleichem (2011)

Directed by: Joseph Dorman

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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; color: #454545} A riveting portrait of the great writer whose stories became the basis of the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof, in.. View More

Jerusalem's Crown Restored

The 35th Jerusalem Film Festival concluded this Sunday after 10 days of celebrated films from around the world, including many Israeli premieres. This flagship festival is a major pipeline for film..View More

Isle of Dogs

World premiers and distinguished guests

The 35th Jerusalem Film Festival, which will run at the Jerusalem Cinematheque from July 26 to August 5, is one of the biggest and most exciting movie events of the year. It will feature a..View More

Bilby and a friend

DreamWorks picks up an Israeli's film

Bilby is a roughly eight-minute film that depicts a cute, furry marsupial called a Bilby who doesn’t give up despite the long odds. Animator and Tel Avivian Liron Topaz was one of on..View More