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Find all your Israeli film information and resources at the first and most comprehensive online database of Israeli cinema. The Israeli Film Database aims to serve film presenters, industry people, and the general public both in Israel and the US.

Death of a Poetess (2017)

Death of a Poetess

Directed by: Dana Goldberg, Efrat Mishori

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The film consists of two parallel axes. Yasmin (35), a nurse who lives in Jaffa, is interrogated by the police. Lenny Sade (50), a world-renowned researcher, is passing through the last day of her a.. View More

Doubtful (2017)

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Assi, a screenwriter and poet, is stuck in his personal life. He is full of doubt, disturbing thoughts, and existential restlessness. He is sentenced to community service due to a drunken-driving in.. View More

Longing (2017)


Directed by: Savi Gabizon

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Ariel, a well-off, childless man, gets a phone call from his college girlfriend. She needs to tell him a couple of very surprising things: first, when they broke up twenty years ago, she was and on.. View More
Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine on set

Warner Bros. is planning a major Oscars push for Wonder Woman

That old saw about “comic books—they’re not just for kids anymore!” went out with pet rocks and orange shag carpeting, but even in 2017, when superhero movies carry the film..View More

A SCENE from Matan Yair’s ‘Scaffolding'


The most talked about category at the Jerusalem Film Festival, which ends today, has been the Haggiag Competition for Full Length Israeli Feature Films. Impressive films that premiered in this in on..View More

Ashraf Marwan

Netflix Buys Rights to Israeli Film on the ‘Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel’

Netflix has bought the rights to the Israeli thriller Hamalach (The Angel) by Israeli director Ariel Vromen. According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the film’s script is based on the book The..View More