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A Trumpet in the Wadi

A Trumpet in The Wadi (2002)

Hatzotzra Ba-Vadi

Directed by: Chaplin Lina, Slava Chaplin

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An impossible love story between two outsiders in Israeli society, Huda an Arab young woman and Alex a new immigrant from Russia. Huda is very much involved in Israeli society and works at a travel.. View More

Yellow Asphalt Poster

Yellow Asphalt (2000)

Asfalt Zahov

Directed by: Danny Verete

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A film of forbidden and impossible love affairs, loyality and betrayal... "Yellow Asphalt" tells the story of three dramatic encounters between "East" and "West". It is a story in which a western of.. View More

under western eyes

Under Western Eyes (1996)

Leneged Einayim Ma'araviyot

Directed by: Joseph Pitchadze

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The tragic- comic adventure of Gary Razomov a young architect living in Berlin, totally disconnected from his past. A sudden announcement of his father's death brings him back to Israel. Upon he out.. View More

The Milky Way

The Milky Way (1996)

Shvil HaHalav

Directed by: Ali Nassar

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Set in 1964 in an unnamed village under Israeli military rule since 1948, a local half-wit Mabruq loses his parents during a period of forced exile while the object of his affections, Jamilah, has.. View More

Pick a Card Screen poster

Pick a Card (1996)

Afula Express

Directed by: Julie Shles

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A human comedy about love, magic and little people who try to make big dreams come true in the big city. David is a motor car electrician in Afula, who one day decides to leave everything behind and.. View More

Zohar Poster

Zohar (1993)


Directed by: Eran Riklis

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The story of the rise and fall of Zohar Argov, king of Oriental Pop Music.When his success fails to alleviate his depression or change his family life,he falls victim to drugs and is found hanging a.. View More

Over the Ocean

Over the Ocean (1991)

Me'ever Layam

Directed by: Jacob Goldwasser

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A Holocaust survivor and his family, who live in Israel, are visited by a friend from the concentration camp, who lives in Canada. Together they face the dilemma of whether to leave Israel for an or.. View More

Burning Memory

Burning Memories (1987)


Directed by: Yossi Zommer

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Garry, a reserve soldier who survived war in Lebanon. He undergoes group therapy with other shell shocked soldiers.After three exhausting weeks of therapy,Garry returns home to face his memories.. View More

israeli intelligence

Israeli Intelligence (2007)

Hamosad Hasagur

Directed by: Alon Gur Arye

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Rami Haruvi, a daring Mossad Agent, is sent to rescue the abducted US ambassador held at the state of Sugyra. If Rami fails his mission, the annual mossad vacation at "Olga Resort" will be canceled... View More


Halfon Hill Doesn't Answer (1976)

Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona

Directed by: Assi Dayan

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Sergeant Moked wants to marry Yaeli, but her tough father Mr. Hasson refuses until her older sister is married first. Moked also has to recruit to reserves a sleek Rumanian con man, Sergio In owes a.. View More