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Amir Manor


Amir Manor, Director and scriptwriter, grew up in Rishon Lezion. At the age of 18 he went on a service year on behalf of "Ha Noar Haoved Ve Halomed", a socialist youth movement, in which his beliefs and ideologies were sculpted. He took part in educational enterprises of the movement and in communal groups across Israel.

At 25 Manor left the movement to Jerusalem, where he worked as a social-financial journalist at "kol Ha'ir" magazine. Later on he left to Tel Aviv's "Ha'ir" magazine. After two years he joined the Israeli 60 minutes "Ovda" as a journalist. Now he works at "Ma'ariv" newspaper – one of the big daily newspapers in Israel. Simultaneously, he started studied television and cinema in Tel Aviv University. His first film "reds" (40 minutes) won the first prize for the best drama at Jerusalem film festival 2007.