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Dan Wolman
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Dan Wolman

(born October 28, 1941) is an Israeli film director. He was born in Jerusalem, Palestine. He spent the first years of his life in Ethiopia.

After finishing high school in Jerusalem he studied film in the U.S.

Filmography * 2007 "Tied Hands" wins Award for Best Feature Film and Best Performance in a feature film (Gila Almagor) at The Palm Beach International Film Festival. * 2007 "Ben's Biography" Platinum Mori Award Houston Worldfest. * 2006 "Tied Hands" presented at the Jerusalem International Film Festival. The film wins special prize for Gila Almagor's performance. * 2006 "Ben's Biography" wins at FARO Mediterranean Film Festival "Best Film" (Audience choice), and Best actor (Gal Zaid). * 2004 "Ben's Biography". In competition Moscow International Film Festival. New Delhi film Festival and numerous other festivals. * 2001 "Treasures of the Red Sea" (A children's film produced, written and directed for "Yoram Globus Production"). * 2001 "Foreign Sister" receives "A special recognition Award" at The Berlin Black Film Festival. * 2000 "Foreign Sister" Winner of The "Volgin" Award for best film at The Jerusalem International Film Festival. * 1999 Receives "Life time achievement award" at Jerusalem International Film Festival. * 1994 "The Distance" wins The Wolgin Award for best film at the Jerusalem International Film Festival. * 1992 -"Silver Hugo" award at the Chicago International Film Festival "for unique vision and innovative work...". * 1985 "Soldier of The Night" Montpelier Film Festival, Sardinia and many others. * 1979 "Hide and Seek" Presented at the Berlin Film Festival. It won in Israel "The Silver Rose" Award for Best film, Best director and Best script . * 1975 "My Michael' Screenplay by Wolman and Ester Mor, based on the novel By Amos Oz. The film won The "David Lyre". Award for Best film, Best director and Best script. Israeli critics choice for best film. * 1972 "Floch" (Written in collaboration with Chanoch Levin) in competition at Venice Film Festival. * 1970 "The Dreamer". In competition at the 1970 Cannes Film Festival.

[edit] Television dramas

* 1976 "The Story of Bash" based on short story by Issac Bashevis Zinger. Won The Best Television Drama of the Year by Israel's Broadcasting Authority. * 1977 "Gimpel the Fool" Based on a short story by Bashevis Zinger. Competed the Italian Television competition. * 1988 "Stempenue" based on the first novel of Shalom Aleichem. Competed Italia Television contest. * 1992 "Mivchan Magen" based on a script by Aliza Olmert. * 1993 "Scape Goat" a two part mini series based on a novel by Eli Amir. * 1999 "Protected Species" for Reshet production.