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Danny Yagil
Techernihovsky 45

Tel-Aviv, Israel, 63428
972-50-8885514, 972-3-6299494
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Danny Yagil

Danny Yagil was born on October 21th 1980 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. As a son of a famous actor/comedian and a grandson of an actor, he was drawn into the world of theatre and cinema at an early age. In 2002 Yagil wrote, directed and acted in a short film: "The Lizardman" (28 mins.), which was successfully screened in 4 international film festivals, in Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem cinematheques and on Israeli TV Channel 1. Yagil's profession in the last 8 years has been copywriting and he is a senior copywriter in the largest advertising agency in Israel. In 2003 Yagil taught Israeli-Palestinian youth film expression, as part of a special video magazine project led by the "Windows for Peace" organization. He is a graguate of the Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Arts, The Department of Film and Television.In 2010 he completed his film: "The Decision Maker" which was supported by "Keren Makor", an Israeli film fund, as an independent drama, featuring Israel's veteran international actors: Oded Teomi and Gadi Yagil in the main roles.