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David Derzi
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David Derzi


Derzi was born in Jerusalem, graduate Film School named Camera Obscura in Tel Aviv in 2007. He produced and directed the first music video of Itzhak Klepter to music channels and children's songs to TV and created special effects in film and television.

Derzi directed the film Film of Nemad with Efrat Gosh, Mohammad Bakri, Yael Hadar, Amos Tamm, Meirav Gruberand and Oded Leopold. The documentary film Cocktail of Joy and Love that brings the story of Orphaned sick children in AIDS in Ethiopia. Therefore shared filming Zitera of Judah Judd Ne'eman. He worked with Hanania Baer from 2005 to 2008. In 2009 he directed the documentary The Life of A Singer, which brings the story of Itzhak Klepter.

From 2009 began to direct and produce songs with complex effects to music and children channels video clips to television channels and film and Music video with commercial Hollywood fragrance.



  • Goya (2011) - producer