Menaham Golan
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Menahem Golan
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Menahem Golan

  • Born in Tiberias Israel, May 1929.
  • Changed his Surname for patriotic reasons.
  • Attended Old Vic School in London.
  • Joined Rodger Corman as an assistant on The Young Racers (1963)
  • His Film debut was El Dorado, (1963).
  • Started his own production company and won an oscar for its production  Sallah Shabati (1964) for best foreign language film, as well as a Golden Globe.
  • In 1974 bought Cannon Films, which eventually released 35 films a year.
  • Left his original company and started 21st Century Pictures. The Studio responsible for the 2002 film adaptation of Crime and Punishment.