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Moshe Ivgy
Perry Kafri
2 Tashach Street
Tel Aviv , Israel , 62098
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Moshe Ivgy

Moshe Ivgy has established himself as a serious, professional and talented actor in his 30 plus years in the business. Upon finishing acting school, Moshe made several films until his break in "Under the Nose" (Mitahat La'af) in 1982, in which he played a young criminal. His 1994 performance in "Lovesick on Nana Street" (Hole ahava beshicun gimel)earned him his first Israeli Academy Award. Moshe received another Academy Award nomination playing Shalom Shalom in "The investigation Must Go On" (Haboleshet Hokeret). Though once married to fellow actress Irit Sheleg, the marriage has since dissolved. Their daughter, Dana Ivgy, has also joined the acting profession. After divorcing Irit, he married an English woman, Orit. They have two children, Ella and Lily.

Graduate of the "Nissan Nativ" Acting Studio. Ivgy has also taken part in theater productions in many of Israel's prominent theaters such as the Haifa Theater, Beit Lessin Theater, The Simta Theater, The Khan Theater, The Cameri Theater and The Gypsy Theater.