A Treasure in Auschwitz

Otzar Auschwitz
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Directed by: Yahaly Gat
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A young student, Yariv Nornberg, hears from an elderly vendor a fantastic story about a Jewish treasure buried in Polish soil. His curiosity is aroused when he learns of the location of the hiding place - next to the infamous Auschwitz extermination camp. During the next 5 years, Yariv pursues these lost religious artifacts. For him they embody his own perished family and guide his acceptance of the Polish people, usually regarded by Jews as collaborators and anti-Semites.

Yariv manages to organize a unique archaeological excavation to unearth the treasure. But as the digging progresses, it becomes apparent that the synagogue's soil conceals a 60-year-old sinister secret and Yariv and his crew begin to lose hope.

Until one morning a shovel hits a metallic object in one of the ditches...

The search and excavation for the treasure translates within the film to a succession of poignant metaphors - to the Jewish existence in Poland and its annihilation, to the possibility of a dialog between the younger generations and above all - to the growing sentiment that only 60 years have gone by and already WW2 and it's greatest nightmare - the Holocaust - is tragically transforming into an archaeological exhibit...

Subject:Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, Judaism
Director:Yahaly Gat
Producers:Yahaly Gat
Production company:Muse Productions


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