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Alex is Lovesick - DVD cover

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Alex is Lovesick

Alex Holeh Ahavah
Directed by: Boaz Davidson
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This Israeli movie by Boaz Davidson is a touching and funny coming-of-age film about thirteen year old Alex, who falls head over heals in love for the first time. Sounds harmless enough on the surface, but this romantic comedy set during the years of Israeli independence is at times pretty racy stuff. There is a twist with the romantic love interest, a seductive older relative from Poland who has mysterious ties to Alex's family. Suddenly his crush on a schoolgirl deflates, eclipsed by the ravishing Lola. Only European films seem to pull off this kind of stunt and turn it into something incredibly charming and, in fact, beautiful.

Subject:Family, Romance, Adolescence, Immigration, 1950's
Director:Boaz Davidson
Producers:Yitzhak Shani
Production company:Berkey Pathe' Humphries Israel Ltd.
Film Distributor:Berkey Pathe' Humphries Israel Ltd.
Scene from the classic Israeli film 'Alex Is Lovesick'.

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