An American Hippie in Israel

Ha'trempist / The Hitch Hiker
Directed by: Amos Sefer
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The movie centers around New York native Mike, the hippie (played by Asher Tzarfati), who, fresh from the killing fields of Vietnam, lands in Israel one sunny morning clad in a white rabbit fur vest, bellbottoms and a bowler hat. He links up with some Israeli flower children and they skipacross the city, eventually making their way to Eilat to build a utopia far away from the rat race.
Incited by this disillusioned young man who has decided to flee from civilization, a group of 4 people go searching for freedom and happiness on an isolated island . When their boat goes astray and they are left without food, their animal instincts take over. The love fest predictably soon turns into a bloodbath, and floating plastic sharks prevent the crew’s escape from the coral island south of Eilat. Throughout the movie, Mike is hounded by a duo of menacing mimes in black suits and zombie make-up, whose motives are unknown but whose methods are murderous.


Director:Amos Sefer
Producers:Amos Sefer, Amos Sefer
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