Directed by: Ofir Trainin
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Victor Grayevsky entered the pantheon of Israeli intelligence thanks to a single courageous and heroic action. While a journalist in Poland and at great personal risk, Grayevsky transferred to the West a secret document - the speech of Nikita Khrushchev, which first revealed Stalin's crimes. Just prior to his death in 2007 it turned out that Grayevsky has kept another secret - alongside his day job on the Voice of Israel radio station, he secretly worked as a spy, seemingly in the service of the Soviet Union but, in fact, for Israel. Apollonia follows the story of the man and spy and tries to make sense of a number of questions arising from his story and mysterious character. The film also offers hints and insights not only into the past but also into what might be secretly happening these days, as the Cold war is heating up again.

Subject:Politics, Russians
Director:Ofir Trainin
Producers:Micha Shagrir, Tal Barda
Film Distributor:Tapuz Communications - Production


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