Ben Gurion Epilogue

Directed by: Yariv Mozer
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The film depicts the final years in the life of Israel's founder, David Ben Gurion. Years during which he found himself excluded from the leadership discourse. He critically observed the Zionist enterprise and self- examined himself. Forty years later, the film exposes his prophecy and worldview.

Subject:Career, Politics, Biography, Aging , History
Director:Yariv Mozer
Producers:Yariv Mozer, Schaul Scherzer, Hila Aviram
Production company:Mozer Films Ltd.

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posted by marcus hallside on July 14, 2016

An truly amazing film. A opening into the soul of a true human being. A tribute to what Israel could have become. I have been searching for one experience that could challenge the conclusion that I made a terrible terrible error of judgement, in moving to Israel in 1970. An error that has forced me to play a supporting role in the destruction of the moral fibre of jewish humanity. Watching Clinton Bailey's interview of Ben Gurion in this film has provided me with that experience.

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