Big Shots / Under the Nose

Mitahat La'af
Directed by: Jacob Goldwasser
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Four men whose combined intellect does not reach into the triple digits decide to steal a safe full of foreign currency - not from a local bank, but from the police station. Based on a real-life incident, the screenplay for this slapstick comedy-drama was co-written by a policeman, also a play-writer, Haim Merin, lending a certain voice of authority to the setting, and the director, Jacob Goldwasser. The comedic high point of the film is when the four thieves bumble and bang their way through the police station, while the policeman on guard duty slumbers on in blissful ignorance. The thieves may be running on more muscle than Gery matter, more chemicals than Dow, and more luck than forethought, but they pull off the supposedly impossible robbery. From that point onward though, luck dwindles away as their greed surpasses their grasp of how to follow up on their success.

(synopsis by Ronni Ackerman)


Subject:Crime, Mizrahim
Director:Jacob Goldwasser
Producers:Uri Ackerman
Production company:Noah Films

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