Birds in Neutral

Tziporim B'nyutral
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This is a story about the "X" generation. Eric is a singer who is not attracting large crowds. Dana wants to be a street artist. They separately go to New York. Eric sells decorative candels in the streets and Dana works as a hostess in a strip joint.Their paths meet. After getting into trouble they need to fly back to the warmth and comfort of their home in Tel Aviv. An absurd comedy that takes place in the 90s atmosphere with an up-to-date, rich sound track.


Subject:Tel Aviv, Music, Romance, Adolescence
Director:Galit Eshkol, David Mandil and Eyal Shiray
Producers:Galit Eshkol, John Pruzanski, Eyal Shiray, Michael Tapuah
Production company:Arik the Singer Productions Ltd
Film Distributor:Arik the Singer Productions Ltd

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