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Directed by: Alon Levi
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Ayala, 15, a free spirited girl, is sent to a religious girls' boarding school, where she feels like a misfit. Ayala returns home for the Passover intent on convincing her mother, Gila, not to send her back to the school. However, when Ayala returns, she discovers that her widowed mother has a new boyfriend, Eitan, who has already developed a father-daughter relationship with her younger sister, Tutti, 8.

Whilst the intense cleaning rituals of Passover get under way, Ayala and Gila's tumultuous relationship reaches boiling point. Gila becomes suspicious of the way Eitan looks at Ayala and her mistrust raises questions for Ayala which she wouldn't have otherwise asked.

Subject:Family, Adolescence, Judaism
Director:Alon Levi
Producers:Tami Leon, Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Julia Schifter
Film Distributor:Go2Films Distribution & Marketing

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