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Circus Palestina

Zirkus Palestina
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Directed by: Eyal Halfon
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A dark comedy chronicling the trials and tribulations of a small circus troupe who visit the West Bank. When a lion escapes the camp, an unlikely alliance is forged between Russian lion tamer Mariana (Evgenia Dudina), Israeli Sergeant Bleiberg (Yoram Hatav), and a young Arab boy (Yousef Ibrahim), who join forces in a effort to find the beast before it can injure any unsuspecting townspeople. A charming, subtle, and politically astute comedy with more than enough heart to compensate for its low production values.

Subject:Family, Comedy, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Army , Immigration, Russians
Director:Eyal Halfon
Producers:Anat Bikel, Uri Sabag, Haim Sharir, Marek Rozenbaum
Production company:Paralite Films
Transfax Film Productions Ltd.
972 3 6871202
+972-3-6812121, 972-50-5572957
Film Distributor:Sisu Home Entertainment
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