Daughters, Daughters

Abu el Banat
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Directed by: Moshe Mizrahi
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The central theme reflects the Middle-Eastern male-dominated culture, but anyone can sympathize with Shabtai, the owner of orange groves and a factory in Tel-Aviv, who has a large house, a large wife, and eight daughters. Shabtai wants a son. He goes through every conceivable consultation and ritual, much of it ridiculous superstition, to guarantee that his next child by wife Zaharira Harifai will be a boy.


He needs a male heir and feels that without one he will be less of a man. A child is born, another daughter of course. Disappointed and embittered he cruelly casts off his wife, and only when he is forced to care for his unwanted infant daughter and when his best friend gets his oldest daughter pregnant, does he begin to take a sharper look at his own stupidities.


Subject:Friendship, Family, Children, Community, Adolescence
Director:Moshe Mizrahi
Producers:Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan
Production company:Noah Films

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