Dr. Pomerantz

Doctor Pomerantz
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Directed by: Assi Dayan
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"Life is a disease with 100% mortality." Dr. Yoel Pomerantz, 64, an unemployed clinical psychologist, lives in poverty in his 12th floor apartment with his son Yoav, 30, who works as a parking inspector and suffers from severe "ticketomania". Dr. Pomerantz volunteers at ANA, the psychology hotline, and as an expert on suicide callers, he suggests that they come to his clinic for private therapy sessions. One day, a patient named Shtark is offended when Pomerantz arrives late for a session and jumps off his 12th floor balcony to his death. Shtark's suicide provides the doctor with a life changing idea - to let his apartment to potentially suicidal tenants for enormous sums of money.

Funny, sad and philosophical, this black comedy raises the important question of why we live or, more accurately, why we don't just give up on living.


Subject:Death, Family, Comedy, Mental Illness
Director:Assi Dayan
Producers:Eyal Shiray
Production company:Golden Cinema Ltd.
Film Distributor:IsraeliFilms
+972-3-6812121, 972-50-5572957


Dr. Pomerantz

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Dr. Pomerantz

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