Exodus - The True Story

Exodus - Hasipur Haamiti
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No one of the 4500 holocaust survivors who embarked the ship Exodus in Sete south of France could in his wildest dream imagine the unforgettable journey in high seas will end up back in the land of horror, Germany. This is the story of three orphaned kids who in the end of the war (ww 2) return home to discover there is no home, no parents. No family left, They realize the only safe haven for them is Palestine (Erets Israel) After a journey of two years across shattered Europe and a big help from the French government they finally reach the shores of southern France. There embarking on a river boat called "President Warfield" to an unforgettable journey in high seas where English navy destroyers rammed the Exodus time and again until they had to surrender, plowing slowly to the port of Haifa. Immediately there after being deported back, this time on deck of three English ships (floating Gail) to Germany to a place they all know too well, concentration camp. The UNSCOP comity for Palestine wore at present in Haifa the day the Exodus arrived all shattered with three dead and hundred's injured on deck and recommended to the U.N. to establish a Jewish state in Israel. The survivors of the Exodus in their spirit of determination endless faith and bravery have proved the main factor in establish the state of Israel.


Subject:Immigration, History, Pre-State Israel
Director:Uri Borreda, Itzik Lerner
Producers:Shemi Shoenfeld
Production company:Shemi shoenfeld Productions
WestEnd Films LLP
Ph: +44 (0) 207 494 8300
Film Distributor:Shemi shoenfeld Productions

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